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Gallbladder Complete - Qty 3 - 8oz Concentrated Bottles

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Product Description

Gallbladder Complete - Qty 3 - 8oz Concentrated Bottles - Discount of $10.21 - Discounted Total $64.64

Gallbladder Complete is an all natural concentrated liquid formulated to help with the symptoms and issues associated with gallstones and the cleansing and overall health of the gallbladder, liver and pancreas.

As a gallbladder, liver, and pancreas cleanse, it is unsurpassed. 

It has the effect of helping to reduce or entirely eliminate pain, helping dissolve gallstones, debris and sludge,  and allowing the gallstones to pass, if they do not dissolve completely within the body, with little to no pain, It also helps to cleanse the toxins, impurities and sludge out of the gallbladder and to prevent future gallstones from occuring while reducing inflammation and infection.

The essence of the formula behind Gallbladder Complete is that it creates a natural reaction that the body uses to dissolve gallstones and gallbladder sludge while increasing the bodies ability to naturally pass the stone.  On a immediate and preventative basis, it will dramatically increase the livers bile flow eliminatng existing gallstones and in the future to prevent the buildup of sludge, debris or gallstones, balance the liver and gallbladders pH and mineral levels and increase the metabolism and digestive levels.  

To take one ounce three times daily initially when a stone exists and then, on a preventative basis,  to be able to take it undiluted or add it to water, juices or other drinks once a week provides a simple way to avoid the pain and expenses associated with the occurrence of gallstones, gallbladder attacks or gallbladder surgery.

* A 3 bottle order provides for total discount of $10.21.  This discount is calculated at checkout.  This represents a net price of $21.55 per bottle or $64.64 for the 3 bottles before shipping.

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Product Reviews

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    Posted by E. J. KELLER on 20th Dec 2013


  2. Works every time

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2013

    I have been using Gall Bladder complete for about five years and it always works every time. I take it to relieve the pain and bloating. *

  3. No more pain

    Posted by Bill Fowler on 14th Nov 2013

    I had a ultrasound about three weeks ago. I had pain on my right side. The ultrasound showed I had one large stone in my gallbladder. I have used 3 and 3/4 bottles. Pain is gone also better digestion. I will order 4 more bottles and finish them. I will then get another ultrasound and let you know if it dissolved. *


    Posted by Cindy on 12th Jun 2013

    I have to say, I wondered about a product that would make a claim to release or dissolve gallstones but, WOW is all I have to say. I have gallbladder problems. I have pain and feel stones moving around when I wake up in the middle of the night under my right rib cage and the right side of the back of my neck hurts a good portion of the time which is related to gallbladder. I am on my second round of Gallbladder Complete. The first go around removed what I think was sludge, now with the second go around I am actually releasing stones every morning. I have a lot of them. For those of you who don't think anything happens when you take this product, think again. That is what I thought until I did some investigating (sorry to get so graphic) with rubber gloves and WOW to my surprise again, I have a lot of gallstones. Give this product a chance, follow the directions and you may be in for a big surprise like I was, although I knew I had stones, just not to this extent. And I'm not done yet. Just happier though that this product really works. If you have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, like I do, I have read gallstones will be your worst enemy so I recommend you buy this product. Save yourself surgery. ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER! *

  5. Gallbladder Complete

    Posted by bing cruz on 30th May 2013

    So far so good. Have been using it only for 8 to 10 days now. Will know more with time. *

  6. No More Problem

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Mar 2013

    Love it! Works great! *


    Posted by Dewey Ketner on 27th Feb 2013

    I have COPD and can't normally get to sleep. This product has saved me. My doctor still can't believe that I am now pain free when I use it.

    Thanks a lot for Gallbladder Complete! *

  8. It lived up to expectations.

    Posted by Gregory Frenkel on 2nd Jan 2013

    It really works!
    When I have felt symptoms coming on, I take it as directed and have had relief within 30 minutes to an hour. I've had no major attacks since I started taking the daily maintenance and as needed doses and I have told several friends and family members about it. *

  9. Near Instant Relief from Extreme Pain

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2012

    Was having another incredibly painful attack last evening and within 30 minutes of taking Gallbladder Complete I was comfortable and able to sleep. This morning I feel great! *

  10. Gallstone is shrinking with Gallbladder Complete and I'm very happy!

    Posted by Cheryl on 12th Sep 2012

    Yes, folks, Gallbladder Complete (hereafter known as GBC) really works!! I have the ultrasound results to prove it- before and 3 weeks ago! I am still on the product, as the stone I had (2.4 CM at its biggest), is not yet gone, but...it's certainly going!! I am feeling much better than before, physically. Symptoms of nausea, aches, sluggishness, etc. are diminishing. I will tell you the old and new dimensions of the stone in a moment, but wanted to say that my docs (including a Harvard-educated, Harvard Medical School instructor/gastric surgeon in Boston) told me that gallstones don't cause nausea, don't make you feel tired, etc., based on his belief that many find out about their stone(s) when they are looking for other causes. But when I asked my family doc whether a gallbladder stone could cause nausea (as she had had her gallbladder removed years ago, after suffering terribly with symptoms worse than mine),she replied, "ABSOLUTELY." My nausea subsided when I was on Stone Free, a good product but not a dissolver- but I didn't know that then. But when I started Gallbladder Complete ("GBC" to me!), I really started to make progress. Now, after being on GBC for two and a half months (as stone was HUGE), I rarely have even a tiny problem with nausea nor any feelings of stone/aching/hurting, as I did last year when it was larger. OK, now for the dimensions, before, and just last month, as measured by the radiologist each time:
    BEFORE GBC: 2.4 CM X 2.2 X 1.8
    AFTER 2 months on GBC: 2.24 X 1.89 X 0.67

    At first I thought the stone had hardly shrunk- I just saw the 2.24! But then my sister said to look at the last dimension- over HALF the original size! So yes, this stuff works! Stones apparently don't shrink the same on all sides, due to possibly harder materials or where the product is able to get to, not sure. I recommend ultraasounds to check the progress every 3 months or so. If you're faithful with the product, it should show a real decrease, aand the smaller the stone(s), the faster. I think in another 2 months I should be done with GBC- for now! I will monitor the stone in another 2 months via ultrasound and then gradually increase the time between ultrasounds as I see what is -or isn't happening! And keep some GBC in case. But I'm very delighted with this product, and relieved to find it DOES work as stated. To me it was worth the price and the time, just to get these results! And there has been no physical pain to the process - but just remember- don't chug this stuff down (like I first tried- not good!)- sip it, as It's too acidic to gulp! Kinda like Italian dressing..very doable taste-wise! :) Best of luck!

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