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gallstone relief

*While the results and success to reduce pain and symptoms have been typical for those who have placed testimonials on our website, the results for all individuals may not be typical. There are many factors that play in to one's health.  Among those factors that play a role are genetics, excercise, diet, injuries, previous health issues and other related factors that may be beyond the function and scope of our products.  For this reason, it is always best to consult with a doctor concerning your particular health issues to determine your particular and individual needs and your ability to use with success the products and solutions we provide.

*These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this website or in communications is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your health condition.


gallstone remedies

Feeling Terrifc gallstone removal

Posted by Paulette on 18th Jun 2014

The Gallbladder Complete is an A+ product. Reduced my excessive bloating and discomfort. I was very fortunate that my friend referred the product to me. I'll suggest in the future to others too. Thank you. *


Awesome Product gallstones remedies


Posted by Unknown on 8th Jun 2014


I was diagnosed with large gallstones and surgery was suggested. My husband had been diagnosed with leukemia before my surgery. Postponing my surgery to take care of him I needed something to help me besides a very controlled diet. I researched this problem on line and found Gall Bladder Complete. I decided to give it a try and ordered a bottle. I have never been sorry and decided to forgo surgery and all my symptoms have gone. I used this product as instructed and have since decreased my intake to once a week and still I don't have any problems. This has been a literal life saver for me as it allowed me to take care of my husband without having to deal with my symptoms. This also made it easier for my husband who was worried about me but as he saw me begin to be myself again he was able to deal with his illness more fully. The pain has gone and I don't have other symptoms either. I still watch my diet but sometimes I cheat and have something I shouldn't and still no pain. Thank you Gall Bladder Complete! *


saved alot of money gallstones remedies

Posted by janet woods on 3rd Jun 2014

I had severe pain in stomach which the doctors thought was gall bladder. Ordered this product and symptoms started decreasing right away. After two days, pain was gone, with no other medicine or tests. *

this is a lifesaver gallstones remedies

Posted by Unknown on 31st May 2014

I'm so happy I found gallbladder complete. I take an ounce a week as a preventative because i was told I have sludge and should have surgery. Not into having surgery unless its ABSOLUTELY necessary. an ounce a week with a water chaser and i have no issues. I'm a true fan. Customer service is top notch. *

Amazing gallstones remedies

Posted by Tawny on 27th May 2014

Had swelling in my back my homeopathic Dr said I should try the olive oil and lemon or grapefruit cleanse. I did and it did not work for me. Well, I thought I would just have to endure the fullness in my back. Thanks to this product, yeah!! No longer. It took 2 days just 1 drink each day and its cleared up already. Also maybe a little early to tell but it also seems to be clearing up another issue that I have. All I can say is Whoopee to Gallbladder Complete. Thank You so much for your research on this product. *

It really helped me!!! Thank you! gallstones remedies

Posted by KC on 7th May 2014

I started having a pain in my side and my nurse friend told me it was my gallbladder. She said if you have an attack and go to the hospital they will take it out! I wanted to keep my gallbladder as I know God put it there to serve a purpose, so I got very fearful and everytime I would have a pain, I would panic. This made my situation worse. I looked on line and found this product. I wasn't using it correctly at first. So I re-read the directions and started to use it correctly WITH THE PRUNE JUICE and it started working for me right away! Thank you so much! Thank God for leading me to your product! *


This product is Heaven sent! gallstones remedies


Posted by Kathie on 13th May 2014


I used your product because I wanted to keep my Gallbladder in place if at all possible. Your product led me on a journey of complete health. Through first finding your product, I was out of pain enough to start looking into other natural remedies. I found that my Gallbladder problems stemmed from an infection in my gums and a cyst on my tooth from a root canal. Since pulling that tooth, I have had no more Gallbladder problems and it all started with your product! Thank you so much! It was a life saver for me! *

Gallbladder Complete gallstones remedies

Posted by Unknown on 13th May 2014

My wife constantly had problems with a bloating feeling and a burning in the upper stomach region. She takes an ounce a day with juice and has complete relief. *


SAVED THE TRIP gallstones remedies


Posted by Unknown on 12th May 2014


My husband was going on a trip and Gall
Bladder Complete got rid of the bile and slug so that he could enjoy the trip without stomach pain. *

One of the Best gallstones remedies

Posted by Unknown on 4th May 2014

We have tried many different cleanses and this one by far is the best quality and very effective. *

Just ordered more!! gallstones remedies

Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2014

All I can say is, this product got me through a pretty severe gallbladder attack. It worked just as it states for me. Within minutes of taking it pain was subsiding. It sure made Easter travel to Texas to see our children much more comfortable. Just ordered more and am going to keep taking it as a preventative. My doctor has me on prolisec because she thinks my problem is acid, but I know my body and the pain I have with these attacks are NOT my stomach, it is in my gallbladder. *

25 Minute Relief gallstones remedies

Posted by L Leith on 21st Apr 2014

The discomfort under the right side of my rib cage had been plaguing me for about 6 months or more but recently became more painful. Knowing it was my gallbladder I just typed in symptoms for homeopathic remedy for gallbladder pain on the internet and up came Gallbladder Complete. After reading the reviews I decided to try it and I'm so happy I did. It was totally gone within 25 minutes. *

What a relief!!!! gallstones remedies

Posted by Marcelo on 13th Apr 2014

Believe or not, this product really works!!
I've been having Gallbladder pains for some time. At least once every two months. I'm not convinced that surgery is the best option, and been trying to avoid at all cost. So I suffer and try to bear the pain. One day I found this product online, and after seeing all the positive reviews, and decided to try it. What can I lose other than a little money?
I could not believe it!! What a Relief!!!
Whoever suffered a gallbladder attack and try this product will certainly think is a miracle.
I strongly recommend it to anybody that suffers gallbladder attacks.

Thanks Gallbladder Complete for making your product!!!! *


Saved me from having gallbladder surgery gallstones remedies


Posted by Unknown on 10th Apr 2014


Pain of gallstones gone. Weight loss is also going great. Skin has improved, brown spots fading. Joints are better also. I am letting my daughter use some and her indigestion has stopped. Have also tried to start changing the diet and eat healthy. *

Excellent Product gallstones remedies

Posted by Unknown on 28th Mar 2014

I have used this product in the past and currently use it when I have a problem. I consider it above and beyond what I expected and keeps me from surgery. It does what it says it will do!!! *


Works as advertised! gallstones remedies


Posted by Gary on 25th Mar 2014


Gall Bladder Complete is one of those rare other-the-counter remedy products that actually delivers on its promises. Within a few minutes of taking a dose, my gall bladder pain is greatly reduced or completely gone. When I take maintenance doses, the pain doesn't return. Much better solution than the surgical alternatives! Highly recommended. *


Fast pain relieve gallstones remedies

Posted by Maria Rosas on 25th Mar 2014

I have taken the product for about 2 weeks now,and I love the fact that it takes the pain away almost instantly!

No more pain!! gallstones remedies

Posted by Unknown on 22nd Mar 2014

I am amazed how well this product works!! If you suffer from gall stones you must try Gallbladder complete. Watch your diet, use Gallbladder complete and keep your gallbladder! *

This Works! gallstones remedies

 Posted by Unknown on 19th Mar 2014

 I had a severe gall bladder attack which ended in an ER visit. I had gall stones and was sent to see a surgeon a few weeks later. Surgery couldn't be performed before I moved to my home state so I decided to do it when I got settled. I was feeling so much better by that time that I put off surgery and looked for a more natural solution. I had pain on and off while searching for an answer or help but really watched my diet and the foods I ate. I found this on a site that sold "things from yesterday" and I saw Gall Bladder Complete there. I ordered it and found this really helped with the pain and eventually I felt like I had before I ever had gall bladder problems. I continue to use it and still feel great. I do watch what I eat more closely and rarely have any pain. I was worried at first about the taste but I found it is very good and I look forward to taking it as a maintenance routine.

Lifesaver! gallstones remedies

Posted by Sondra Harris on 11th Mar 2014

This is an amazing product. Until recently, I
only used it when I had a gallbladder attack. It stopped the pain within 15-20 minutes. I did not believe it the first time I used this product. However, I have used it subsequently (until I discovered what foods trigger an attack!)and it is a miracle (to me).

I have a new doctor, who suggested surgery. I would prefer to avoid this route and now I have been taking this daily, hoping to dissolve the stones and prevent surgery.

I might add that I am ALWAYS on a gallbladder "diet" and am very careful not to eat any food that will trigger an attack.

I wish this product could be manufactured in a larger size, to avoid all those little bottles!!! *

Gets the job done gallstones remedies

Posted by Bonnie on 22nd Feb 2014

I was having pain in my chest, back, and knew it was my gall bladder. When I saw this website offering pain relief and no surgery, I purchased! I'm always wanting to go natural. After a few ounces of the gall bladder complete, my pain was gone. I have continued to use this product to get the health of my gall bladder restored! I highly recommend this product! *


I swear by this product gallstones remedies

Posted by Unknown on 24th Jan 2014

2 years ago i was told that I had sludge in my gall bladder and I should have it removed. I checked out this site and have been using one ounce of Gallbladder Complete religiously - once a week. So far so good. *


Very satisfied with the product. gallstones remedies

 Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jan 2014

This was the fourth or fifth time that I purchased this product(gallbladder)from you Two years and I give the best rate because it worked for my mother in law.She is still taking it every time she is in pain. She is much better now than before she was taking this product.Thank you for your excellent service and telling the truth about the gallbladder.


Stunning Relief gallstones remedies

 Posted by Russ on 22nd Jan 2014

It is almost instantaneous - from sever gallstone pain to mild pain within 30-40 minutes of taking it. I am a believer!!!


 It Works & I Love it! gallstones remedies

Posted by Sally Walker on 13th Jan 2014

I like this product and it is great, I loved it. The flavor is good compared to drinking regular apple cider vinegar which I have done on many occasions to relieve pain. Gallbladder Complete works, I just wish I could afford it for regular use. *


Excellent gallstones remedies

Posted by maria on 12th Jan 2014

Excellent in preventing gallbladder attack especially after eating. It tastes great too. *


Stopped me from having pain and saved me from surgery.... gallstones remedies

Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jan 2014

I was very happy to find this product and the results that I got. It stopped me from having gallbladder "attacks" and has kept me from having surgery.

Would recommend to anyone that is having problems with their gallbladder and gallstones. *



It Works!!! gallstones remedies

Posted by Shelby D. on 30th Dec 2013

This stuff is great and all natural.
I had quick results after using for one day and the gallstones were passing. I am very pleased with Gallbladder Complete and will recommend it to others. Thanks again! *


Very Grateful gallstones remedies

Posted by Lydia on 26th Dec 2013

I have an overactive gallbladder and I would like to keep it as long as possible. I've learned to control most attacks through diet but I've known recently that I have stones again and would need to do a flush. I couldn't bear the thought of another Epsom salts/olive oil/juice routine so I found Gallbladder Complete online and decided it would be worth a shot. I have been very happy, first of all with the taste and then the results. I made a 3,000 mile round trip by car in the last two weeks and only had one mild flare-up, which was calmed quickly by taking the GC. Normally riding in the car even a few hours causes horrible discomfort. Thank you! *


Works every time gallstones remedies

Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2013

I have been using Gall Bladder complete for about five years and it always works every time. I take it to relieve the pain and bloating. *


Worth It gallstones remedies

Posted by Renee on 10th Dec 2013

I've had gallbladder problems for years. Within a day of receiving the product, I had another attack. I took the dosage recommended for pain and within an hour the pain subsided. It was so worth the cost and I will be keeping an extra supply on hand for future episodes. *


 Ultrasound showed gallstones gallstones remedies

 Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2013

 Fro the past 3 or 4 months I have had upper abdominal pains. About a month ago I had intense pain for about 4 hours. I called my doctor for an appointment, but had another attack before I saw him. It lasted 6 hours and I went to emergency. The ultrasound showed several gallstones. My doctor said he would recommend surgery. When I said I had found Gallbladder Complete on the Internet, he looked it up for himself and said, "Well there is nothing there that will hurt you." I took it 3 times a day for 2 days then forgot one dose and since have taken it one or two times a day. I have had no more attacks, only some minor pain with the stones passing. *


Gallbladder & Gallstones gallstones remedies

Posted by Cory Brooks on 19th Nov 2013

Great stuff! Gallstones are dissolving and most importantly, pain is decreasing rapidly. *


No more pain gallstones remedies

Posted by Bill Fowler on 14th Nov 2013

I had a ultrasound about three weeks ago. I had pain on my right side. The ultrasound showed I had one large stone in my gallbladder. I have used 3 and 3/4 bottles. Pain is gone also better digestion. I will order 4 more bottles and finish them. I will then get another ultrasound and let you know if it dissolved. *


I did'nt need all that I bought gallstones remedies

 Posted by Amando on 13th Nov 2013

After purchasing a number of bottles, it worked so well that I was able to send 2 back for a refund. Gallbladder problems fixed and money back too. Thank you for a wonderful product! *


 The Best product for gallbladder problems!! gallstones remedies

 Posted by Roxana on 4th Nov 2013

I have been suffering from gallbladder problems for years and finding Gallbladder Complete has been heaven sent!
Not only did it help me with the pain as a result of having gallbladder stones, but it has helped the digestion of food as well.
I am deeply grateful and highly recommend it.


Pain Relief gallstones remedies

Posted by Sally on 3rd Nov 2013

This product works really well! *


Diminishes pain gallstones remedies

Posted by Unknown on 17th Oct 2013

I took this product after meals and before bed for two weeks. I have much less irritation at night and feel much better during the day. I think it is effective and will continue use . *


Saved from the Scapel!! gallstones remedies

Posted by McStay Jackson on 11th Oct 2013

I have reoccuring gall stones. When I feel a pain coming on I take a 1 ounce shot with 2 ounces of cran-grape. Depending on how much pain I am in, I may have to repeat this two or three times a day for one or two days. I went from April until October without any pain. 10 days ago I felt some pain and took 1 shot for 3 days and now feel great... I wish you all the same results. I believe if I took it steady for a month that the gall stones would be completely dissolved. If it gets me again I am going to do just that... I give it 5 Stars, especially because surgery for me is almost impossible because of scar tissue from past surgeries. *



IT WORKS! gallstones remedies

 Posted by Anita on 11th Oct 2013

 Gallbladder Complete stops the pain within 15 minutes! Sometimes the relief is only a few minutes away. I appreciate this product very much. My gallstones are completely gone! AP *



The only product to stop my pain! gallstones remedies

Posted by Tanya on 1st Oct 2013

I have suffered from gallbladder pain for over a year. My gallbladder isfunctioning too high to remove(45%)  The Dr. wouldn't remove or even provide meds to help so I went to a Homeopath Dr. and he had me do cleanses. It helped but still in some pain. So happy I found this- sometimes I will go through a bottle in 2 days, but it works! *


Don't Pay for Surgery !!

Posted by Bob on 29th Sep 2013

Please use this product as instructed and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have been using it for three years now and wouldn't be without it. It would be so great if you folks could manufacture a unit to take when you are on the go, like they have for Soy Sauce. *


Gallbladder complete

Posted by marie on 24th Sep 2013

I felt much better the day after I started taking this product.
It really worked well. *


I got relief

Posted by Neva H. on 24th Sep 2013

I have used it once and thought I felt some relief. I don't have gall stones but I get pain and really feel awful. I'd use it more often but I can't afford it. *



Posted by Mike on 20th Sep 2013

What needs to be said other than "IT WORKS!" I was pain free within a day! *


Really helps eliminate the pain.

Posted by Kathryn K. on 8th Sep 2013

I've used this product twice, a year apart. Each time it helped eliminate the pain. It tastes okay when mixed with apple juice and a little water. Nothing else works as well as this product, thank you for coming up with a real answer for gallbladder pain! *


Stunning Relief

Posted by Russ on 30th Aug 2013

It is almost instantaneous - from sever gallstone pain to mild pain within 30-40 minutes of taking it.
I am a believer!!! *


Very satisfied with the product.

Posted by Unknown on 28th Aug 2013

This was the fourth or fifth time that I purchased this product(gallbladder)from you Two years and I give the best rate because it worked for my mother in law.She is still taking it every time she is in pain. She is much better now than before she was taking this product.Thank you for your excellent service and telling the truth about the gallbladder. *


Product does what it claims

Posted by charles kirkendall on 11th Aug 2013

Helps remove stones with frequent use. *



Posted by kennedy uzomba on 10th Jul 2013

I have regained my energy, appetite, breathing, and lost weight. Feel years younger! As a liver, gallbladder, and pancreas cleanse, it is unsurpassed! *



Posted by Robynne on 10th Jul 2013

I have been using Gall Bladder Complete now for over a year and am still thrilled by the results. was told i would need surgery and went the Gall Bladder Complete route instead. So very happy I did. An ounce once a week followed by water - cleans me out and keeps me going strong. Totally recommend. Gallbladder Complete! *


works great!

Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2013

Works best after a colon cleanse. *


Excellent for many stomach/intestinal pain & discomfort

Posted by Jane on 17th Jun 2013

I started using Gallbladder Complete when I was in horrible pain and thought it was coming from my gallbladder. My doctors weren't able to prescribe anything that helped and I was reaching the end of my rope. Once it cleaned out the gallbladder sludge I continued to have severe upper stomach pain. It was finally diagnosed as Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia (GAVE) Syndrome from systemic Scleroderma, food allergies and IBS to name a few. It doesn't matter what which one is causing it, Gallbladder Complete removes the pain after about 15-20 minutes and the gas and bloating start moving along my intestinal tract which brings so much relief, too. My gastro doctor recommended that I continue to take it although there is no scientific evidence to support it because it obviously works for me. I'd recommend it for anyone with anything stomach/digestive/intestinal problems, including cancer and sinus problems (drainage goes into the stomach), because you just may find that it helps like I did. It may not cure everything but you just might find it helps to give you back a reasonable normal life. *


Solving discomfort

Posted by Denise on 15th Jun 2013

Your product seems to work really well. Once using for pain only, it worked just like it claimed to. Also, for cleaning out system, it seemed to do the job, not sure if or how many stones were loosed--couldn't tell. But not having those symptoms since then. *



Posted by Cindy on 12th Jun 2013

I have to say, I wondered about a product that would make a claim to release or dissolve gallstones but, WOW is all I have to say. I have gallbladder problems. I have pain and feel stones moving around when I wake up in the middle of the night under my right rib cage and the right side of the back of my neck hurts a good portion of the time which is related to gallbladder. I am on my second round of Gallbladder Complete. The first go around removed what I think was sludge, now with the second go around I am actually releasing stones every morning. I have a lot of them. For those of you who don't think anything happens when you take this product, think again. That is what I thought until I did some investigating (sorry to get so graphic) with rubber gloves and WOW to my surprise again, I have a lot of gallstones. Give this product a chance, follow the directions and you may be in for a big surprise like I was, although I knew I had stones, just not to this extent. And I'm not done yet. Just happier though that this product really works. If you have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, like I do, I have read gallstones will be your worst enemy so I recommend you buy this product. Save yourself surgery. ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER! *


what a relief

Posted by Unknown on 12th Jun 2013

I started taking gallbladder relief a year ago. Was totally skeptical at first but desperate for relief. To my amazement I had almost immediate results. My pain and discomfort subsided. I continue to take it for maintenance and have very few attacks now. *


A reminder that God has placed in Nature all that We need!

Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2013

I was glad to see that there are people who contunue to keep the science of natural healing alive. This was great for me. I am ready to start another round. Taste was not bad at all. Thanks *


Relief from gallbladder discomfort

Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2013

I do get relief from my gallbladder discomfort. Would have given 5 stars but I think it is overpriced. *


Awesome Product!

Posted by Sharon on 4th Jun 2013

I started the Gallbladder complete when my pain was the worst. It took 3 days of using it 3-4 times a day. The pain finally subsided. I take it every other day now and will start taking it once a week. Great product! Thank you! *


Surgery isn't always necessary

Posted by Richard Bauer on 1st Jun 2013

I bought this for my wife because the doctor told her she was having gall bladder issues and may need to have her gall bladder removed. Why do doctors always think surgery is the best solution? Anyway, she's doing fine now "without surgery". She's going to stay on the gall bladder complete for a while longer and she's happy she didn't take the doctor's advice. *



Posted by Bryan on 30th May 2013

I have had a few attacks a year or so ago, found gallbladder complete took one bottle an didn't have any problems for almost a year. Had two attacks within a couple weeks, I ordered two bottles and by the time I was half way through the second bottle symptoms were gone. I plan on staying on a maintenance plan with this product. Definitely works for me. Thank you. *


Gallbladder Complete

Posted by bing cruz on 30th May 2013

So far so good. Have been using it only for 8 to 10 days now. Will know more with time. *


Gallbladder help!

Posted by Unknown on 20th May 2013

Have used Gallbladder Complete twice in last year. It is great! *



Posted by Unknown on 4th May 2013

I've been using this product religiously - once a week for the past year almost and it does a great job of cleansing. I was told I had sludge in my gall bladder and would need surgery. I opted for Gall Bladder Complete and feel terrific. I highly recommend it. Taste isn't great - but tolerable for the one ounce I drink weekly. *


This is a Miracle Product!

Posted by Laura on 19th Apr 2013

I just wanted to thank the developers of this product for creating a MIRACLE!! I had 3 CT scans that confirmed that my gall bladder was full of stones....3 days on this product and the HIDA scan showed NO stones!!! And NO surgery needs to be scheduled!!!! Thank you so much believing in the body's natural ability to heal itself and nature's ability to help in that process! I will be forever grateful!! and I will recommend this product to anyone who tells me surgery is the only option! Again, many many thanks!! *


Excellent Gall Bladder complete

Posted by tamara on 17th Apr 2013

Excellent, Excellent,Excellent. I will never be without it again. *


Thank you!!!!!

Posted by Mary k on 10th Apr 2013

My yearly checkup showed five gallstones in my gallbladder. Doctor said if they bother you you'll know about it! Well not long after I started paying attention to the bloating, cramps after eating certain foods, fried food, eggs....just about anything I ate would start problems. Belching...thank God I found this website. I did the six day cleanse one month before I bought gallbladder complete I didn't see anything that looked like a stone. My second cleanse I did the six days again but I included Gallbladder Complete and was shocked at how many stones came out . I feel better, but had to change my diet by eating more greens, salads, no eggs, meat once a week, some fish. I feel like I found the Holy Grail!! *


No More Problem

Posted by Unknown on 15th Mar 2013

Love it! Works great!


Before you let a doctor cut it out, Try this!

Posted by Jeannie on 14th Mar 2013

This is without a doubt a most remarkable product! I had been doing everything to avoid gallbladder surgery for years, including drinking huge amounts of olive oil and passing buckets of pretty green stones. But no more! Gallbladder Complete has given me complete relief. The taste takes a little getting used to, but relief from the pain and discomfort of gallstones is almost immediate! I encourage everyone with gallstones to try this! *


Better than surgery !

Posted by s. werderman on 13th Mar 2013

Been having digestive problems for years, 6 years ago had an ultra sound of gall bladder and showed lots of shadows. With recent trouble the Dr. wanted to remove gallbladder, I wasn't sure that was the answer, nor could they assure me it would take care of all of the symptoms. So tried this product and before end of 2nd bottle could eat without problems, Things I couldn't before.! It has helped a lot with bloating and have had no pain or attacks since starting this. Would recommend this to anyone. *


The Best Product I've EVER Tried!

Posted by robynne on 9th Mar 2013

THIS HAS BEEN SUCH A LIFE SAVER FOR ME. I had many issues with burping, gas and had been told I have sludge in my gallbladder and needed surgery. Got this product less than a year ago - I take one ounce a week and it has kept me feeling great. So happy I've been using this product and highly recommend it. Taste is OK. Definitely worth it. *


It's Working

Posted by claudia on 2nd Mar 2013

Been taking since Oct. 2012. Have eliminated bile and several gallstones so far. But I'm still bloated and have a ways to go. *


The Best

Posted by tiff on 2nd Mar 2013

It got rid of the gallbladder stones.
I loved the taste too! *


Gallbladder attack

Posted by Unknown on 27th Feb 2013

Gallbladder complete works great. My wife had an attack ,if it hadn't been for this product ,she would have ended up having surgery. *



Posted by Dewey Ketner on 27th Feb 2013

I have COPD and can't normally get to sleep. This product has saved me. My doctor still can't believe that I am now pain free when I use it.

Thanks a lot for Gallbladder Complete!


tastes great/less filling

Posted by denis laing on 24th Feb 2013

hi yawl. i had what i think was a gallbladder attack of sorts. i had two attacks about three weeks apart and both after eating animal fat. i don't think there can be any other explanation for my attacks. my attacks lasted for about two or three days and completely polaxed me. after the first one i made an appointment with the doctor for an ultrasound of the liver gallbladder pancreas and spleen. after the second attack i started to take this thing seriously and read up on the internet about the phenomenon of gallbladder issues in general. there is a ton of conflicting opinions and also conflicting "facts" or that which various folks claim to be facts and no real referee for this debate. i believe that everyone who posts an opinion believes that they are helping. for instance i think the doctors who say "you can't pass a stone, I'll take the whole thing out and it will never bother you again" really believe that they are giving the best advice possible, and that might indeed be true. who am i to say. but that was news that i did not want to believe. i hoped that that wasn’t true. so i looked some more and found various eastern and western suposed alternatives to surgery. i found a snippet of information on one of the web sites that i chiropractor suggested that a potion of 6 oz of classic coke 6 oz of olive oil and the juice of a lemon might help to pass some stones. so i tried that and i did find what looked like pigment stones in the lav. then i found gallbladder complete and took four bottles of that over a period of about a week. this happened about a month ago. i still have no idea if the classic coke concoction released real stones or if the gallbladder complete really worked but by the time i had my ultrasound, i was declared to be completely free of any gallbladder issues. i was looking really good and no sign of any stones. you might be curious as to why i would write a review that says absolutely nothing. well here is why. i cannot attest to the validity of this product because my case is not documented properly. no previous pictures of stones that are no longer there and so therefore "proof positive". that is why i can only give four stars. i actually cannot give the product any stars at all for how it works as i cannot prove it to myself. however, i write this review to say what a great company this is. what great service they have. i was able to talk to a representative not a machine. and was able to very quickly sort out pay pal payment issues and get my product shipped quickly. as i prefaced this posting everyone on the internet is trying to say the right thing but its still really confusing. these guys don't just want your money. they really believe in what they are doing and i would give them five stars for there level of commitment and level of service. they are certainly awesome at that. *


Amazing product

Posted by Michael on 23rd Feb 2013

After reading the reviews, I decided to order this product for my wife. She was suffering from gallstone attacks every day. The ultrasound found a 8mm stone in the gallbladder. After the first intake of this product her pain subsided in 1 hour. After taking this product as described, she passed out the stone, broken into smaller stones. Now she continues to take your product for maintenance and no pain.
Thank you, great product! *


I love the taste

Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2013

Mixed with apple juice it tasted like raspberry lemonade to me. I have no opinion of its effectiveness one way or another because I believe I didn't have a problem with my gallbladder. I finally concluded that my serious pains were caused by a severe gas attack. *


Great Product

Posted by Terri on 12th Feb 2013

First just let me say I was very Skeptical of any online product. I had gallbladder issues for years and nothing seemed to help and I was at my last resort, I decided to give it a try. At first for the first few hours it hurt like crazy but soon settled down. I started taking it on a regular basis and since I have not had one attack. That was almost a year ago, I only take it a few times a month now and it is working fine. I would definitely give this a try. It sure worked for me! *


Feeling great.

Posted by Terry on 7th Feb 2013

I thought I may have some gallbladder problems but none showed up when tested. I ordered Gallbladder Complete on a whim and found out just how bad I was feeling. After 2 doses I felt 120% better. I just ordered my second round of Gallbladder Complete and also Liver Complete. Stay tuned!!!! *


Great Stuff that really works

Posted by Ron H on 7th Feb 2013

Gallbladder Complete really works. Both my wife and daughter had some serious problems. After taking this stuff for a few days, the problem seems to be clearing. Will continue to buy GB Complete again. *


Gallbladder complete is best, over all product for gallbladder

Posted by Robert Walker on 7th Feb 2013

It really works, I would recommend this to any one who has gallbladder problems. *


Gallbladder Problems Gone & my COPD Much Better

Posted by Kathy B. on 5th Feb 2013

I am responding that not only did Gallbladder Complete take care of my gallbladder problem, but also relieved my COPD, so that I am now using only half of the oxygen that I used before due to the enlargement of the gallbladder getting back to normal. What a nice bonus! Thank you. *


Saved my Wife from Surgery - Thank You

Posted By: Stan Winchester on Feb 3rd 2013

I'm not getting paid for this! My wife got violently ill. She had vomiting, pain in chest, arms, shoulders and sweats, with a rapid heartbeat. Took several trips to the ER. Later she was scheduled for gallbladder removal. I searched the internet and found Gallbladder Complete. 30 minutes after taking the product, my wife started feeling better and the pain level went to zero. She had 1 more episode but that was it. Cancelled surgery. No more gallbladder attacks. I highly recommend this product. The doctors cannot believe what they are seeing, because the stones are gone. I highly recommend this product. Customer service is outstanding. *



Posted By: N/A on Feb 2nd 2013

I have tried many things for gall bladder issues, wanting to avoid surgery at all costs!! Gall bladder complete is amazing! Easy to take and follow the instructions. I did order two bottles at first so I would have sufficient product to use initially and some for follow up. Have since ordered two more bottles and recommended to my daughter in law. *


I haven't had an attack since I started taking this product

Posted By: Patti on Jan 29th 2013

I started taking Gallbladder complete about 1 1/2 years ago now after I suffered two very painful attacks that dropped me to my knees. Since I have started the product I have not had one attack. As soon as I feel anything "brewing" I make sure I take some and nothing develops. It has been a life saver for me and no surgery :-) THANK YOU!! My only request would be to have a 1 ounce purse size for "emergencies". Please develop a 1 ounce purse size or pocket size. *


It works

Posted By: N/A on Jan 22nd 2013

After the first dose the pain diminished by at least 1/4. By the second days dose, half and by the third day the pain was down to a 2. The three day regimine was repeated, just to make sure and on the fourth day all pain and nausea was gone. *


Works well!

Posted By: N/A on Jan 18th 2013

I can tell a big difference, especially when it comes to unexpected need to use the bathroom. Now it's gone. I think it's a great product to take on a regular basic which is what I'm doing (once weekly). Better to be on the safe side. You've got nothing to lose but gain better health benefits. *


Works Amazing

Posted By: N/A on Jan 18th 2013

I had my first gallbladder attack on Christmas day. I thought it from where I ate little more than usual but the pain was nonstop. I came to realize it was my gallbladder (runs in family). My brother told me about this product and I got immediate results after first dose. I recommend for those who experience first time attack to complete the bottle, 2-3 times daily, then start a new bottle taking only 2 ounce weekly to keep the gallbladder clean out. It's all natural so it has other great health benefits. *



Posted By: Mikey on Jan 12th 2013

When it comes to this kind of thing, who knows what the hey is going on...BUT...I clearly have had on going problems with my gallbladder for a few years now and then I took the Gallbladder Complete and now I don't seem to have these problems anymore. I also don't have the pain anymore. So, who the hey knows, but since I feel good after I take it, I think it's a small price to pay for keeping me away from the knife. *


Great Product!!!!

Posted By: Brian & Nancy on Jan 9th 2013

I have been having gallbladder problems for about 3 years. I was told just a simple operation and no more problems, BUT after looking into what my gallbladder does for my body, and speaking to people who have had the operation, and the problems they have had since the removal of there gallbladder. I made the decision of keeping mine and looking after it better. Gallbladder Complete has kept me pain free and my gallbladder is doing the job it was meant to do in my body. My wife and I both use it. She has no problem with her gallbladder and wants to keep it that way! I haven't had an attack in a long time. I always have a bottle with me just in case. If I feel sluggish I take an ounce or sometimes just a tablespoon. This product is really and truly the best way to save your gallbladder!!! *


An ounce of prevention.

Posted By: Anita on Jan 5th 2013

Regular use of this product, at least one ounce/week, has kept me away from surgery and out of the emergency room for over a year now. *


Out of trouble

Posted by Chris on Jan 4th 2013

Ok maybe the taste is harsh but regarding the result it is worth it. *


"Saved My Wife From Surgery"

Posted By: Kelvin Morgan on Jan 3rd 2013

Im not getting paid for this! My wife got violently ill. vomitting, pain in chest,arms,shoulders and sweats,rapid heart...2trips2 the ER later she was scheduled for gallbladder removal...I searched the internet found GC. 30 min after taking My wife started feeling better. had 1 more episode but that was it. Cancelled surgery. Gallbladder attacks R no joke! TRUE STORY THIS STUFF WORKS!


It lived up to expectations.

Posted By: Gregory Frenkel on Jan 2nd 2013

It really works!
When I have felt symptoms coming on, I take it as directed and have had relief within 30 minutes to an hour. I've had no major attacks since I started taking the daily maintenance and as needed doses and I have told several friends and family members about it. *


Works Great!

Posted By: N/A on Jan 2nd 2013

Gall Bladder Complete has kept me from having my gallbladder surgically removed for nearly a year. I would recommend it to anyone with gall stone symptoms. *


Works Great!

Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jan 2013

Gall Bladder Complete has kept me from having my gallbladder surgically removed for nearly a year. I would recommend it to anyone with gall stone symptoms. *


My Tummy Feels Better

Posted By: Marie on Dec 22nd 2012

I was diagnosed with a low function gall bladder. I was having left side and upper middle pain. I was not having any pain on my right side at all. I was also having back pain. The doctors wanted me to do surgery but I figured I would give this a try first before I go under the knife. The problem with me was not pain after eating fatty foods or your typical gall bladder pain. What I was experiencing was constant gnawing, aching, and slight burning pain in my upper stomach and sternum area and also on the left side of my stomach. I also had bloating and stomach tenderness. So I was not a typical gall bladder complaint customer. The first 2 days of taking the product I noticed a slight improvement. It was not until the 3rd day I noticed significant improvement. I am now on my 7th day as I write this review and I take a teaspoon a day. I still have a little pain but I was in pretty bad shape when I started this cleanse. My bloating has went down substantially! So my advice to anyone is to at least try this product and see how it works. I also will be incorporating a super enzyme into my diet to help with digestion. I am also take pro-biotics. Also a big change is my diet I am taking in more fiber and eating more fruits and vegetables. Oh yeah water is you new BEST FRIEND! Good luck to everyone and I wish you a happy tummy!  *

Marie (Reno, NV)


Great product

Posted By: Jolene M. Wisconsin on Dec 21st 2012

I bought this product for my husband. He had his gallbladder taken out but was dealing with a leftover stone that was blocking his bile. This was causing him uncontrolled itching and was feeling sore by his sternum By the third day taking gallbladder complete his itching has reduced. Will definitely order again soon. *


good results

Posted by Unknown on 20th Dec 2012

I am so happy to find a natural way to address my gallbladder pain, and to therefore have a healthy gallbladder, and avoid surgery in the future. *


Works just as described

Posted By: Mary on Dec 19th 2012

So thankful to have found this product. It has alleviated the pain with no adverse side effects. I highly recommend trying it. *


Works Great!

Posted By: Kelly Tadlock on Dec 9th 2012

Gallbladder Complete works wonders! It flushes out the sludge and takes away the pain! Thank You for a great product! *


Finally some relief

Posted By: Junebug on Nov 28th 2012

Have dealt with gallbladder problems for several years, but did not want to have the surgery. Now that I take gallbladder complete weekly, those problems are under control. Do not live in fear of my gallbladder attacks any longer. *


Staying away from the surgeon's hand.

Posted By: Gloria J Roldan on Nov 5th 2012

I've had to learn the best way to take the product. Just like I have to adjust my diet. The two work hand in hand. I am grateful for this product and I highly recommend it. Once in a while I can eat foods I enjoy but not on a regular basis. That is fine because I can enjoy it and not pay the price. The company recommends how to take the product and if it doesn't work for you, don't give up. You know your body best, make adjustments and enjoy feeling better. *

Thank you to all who are involved in my feeling better, from the developer to the shipping crew. You are all very important and I am grateful for your service. *



Posted By: Lisa L. on Oct 31st 2012

I ordered Gallbladder Complete with normal shipping. Within 2 days I received the product. I was very amazed that it was delivered to me so fast. When I opened it up that night and took some, it had a very strong taste. I have never ever tasted something like this before in my life. It worked so fast I could not feel the abdominal pain anymore. I WENT TO WORK IN PAIN EVERYDAY. I WAS SO STRESSED OUT UNTIL MY NIECE TOLD ME ABOUT GALLBLADDER COMPLETE. It really does work. Thank God for Gallbladder Complete. I advise anyone with gallbladder issues to please try this formula. I love it! *



Posted By: Donna on Oct 28th 2012

before using gallbladder complete, I was in pain all the time from my gallstones. I was skeptical at first because my doctor told me the only way to get rid of the pain and the stones is by removing my gall bladder.. I used the product as instructed and have had no pain since..I cant say if the stones are gone for sure as I havent yet done an ultrasound but there is certainly no more pain and i feel better than ever..I have recommended this product to everyone I know who has gallbladder pain..this is Certainly an AMAZING product... *


Near Instant Relief from Extreme Pain

Posted By: N/A on Oct 23rd 2012

Was having another incredibly painful attack last evening and within 30 minutes of taking Gallbladder Complete I was comfortable and able to sleep. This morning I feel great! *


Gallbladder Complete makes my gallbladder complete!

Posted By: Sandy on Oct 16th 2012

The first time I had a gallbladder attack I did not know what it was! My nurse friend immediately diagnosed it and put me on a gallbladder diet. A CAT Scan identified it.
My doctor suggested that I stay on the diet, which I have.
I saw this product online and purchased it. I waited until another attack to try it. I had the second attack following a delicious bowl of ice cream with peanut butter cups sprinkled on it!!! My Bad! I immediately took Gallbladder Complete and the severe pain was gone within 1/2 hour. I did take a dose the next day.
By keeping to a proper diet, I have not had an attack in 6 months. Last week (with Halloween approaching) I purchased and consumed a small bag of peanut butter cups. Some people just never seem to learn. The pain was severe and I took a dose of this product. The pain was gone in less than 1/2 hour. This product is amazing.
I think I have learned my lesson. However, I will continue to keep a few bottles of Gallbladder Complete...just in case! Thank you for this wonderful product. *


Natural drink for minimizing stones

Posted By: Bev on Oct 3rd 2012

Hospital told me after an Ultra Sound, there was less than an inch stone in the Gall Bladder. They suggested an operation to remove the gall bladder. Didn't want to go through an operation. Looked up anything that might help to reduce the stones or stone in this organ. So far, I have been using your "gallbladder complete" and have had no recurring pain. When I initially started talking this 1 ounce, I did what the instructions suggested and it immediately made me feel good. Took away any pain that I may have had when eating any fatty foods. I do watch my fat intake and will have a 2nd ultra sound to see if the stone was reduced in size. It has been over a year since my first attack. Love this Product! *


This Product Saved My Organ

Posted By: Monique on Sept 28th 2012

Six months ago I had a gallbladder attack after eating a spicy bowl of vegetarian chili. My doctor and surgeons told me to remove my gallbladder immediately. A friend of mine, whose a pharmacist, recommended that I order this product. I was a bit skeptical because of the price, but tried it anyway. It's much cheaper than the 20% out of pocket for gallbladder surgery :).

I took Gallbladder Complete after every meal for the first two weeks and by the second bottle, I had no gallbladder pain. I also took lecithin after every meal for the first 30 days. I just about eliminated dairy products, fried foods, and sweets from my diet as well.

It's 6 months later and I now take Gallbladder Complete once a day, lecithin only with lunch, and continue to limit my intake of dairy, fried foods, and sweets. I can now say that I'm doing 95% better and have not had any pain remotely close to the pain of my gallbladder attack.

I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing gallstones. It has helped to save my gallbladder! *



Posted By: N/A on Sept 24th 2012

I have had problems with my gallbladder for the last 8 years, and it wasn't until the last 6 months that it has been unbearable. My mom found this product, and thought I should give it a try. I was amazed at the results, and I haven't had a problem since using it! I would strongly recommend this to anyone that has a gallbladder problem!!! I love it! *


Amazing Product

Posted By: Jeri on Sept 21st 2012

I have been struggling with gallbladder discomfort for years and have resorted to the olive oil cleanse numerous times. This product has alleviated my symptoms and allowed me to take it when needed instead of resorting to that unpleasant olive oil cleanse. *


Natural way to wellness

Posted By: Raye on Sept 19th 2012

It did work for me.....Followed the directions, & within 12 hrs. time, pain, bloating. horrid gas was gone. I am not much of a water drinker, but I do pay close attention to my water intake & flush with Gallbladder Complete every 3 to 4 weeks as maintenance. Thank you for this natural way of wellness. *


Gallstone is shrinking with Gallbladder Complete and I'm very happy!

Posted By: Cheryl on Sept 12 2012

               Yes, folks, Gallbladder Complete (hereafter known as GBC) really works!! I have the ultrasound results to prove it- before and 3 weeks ago! I am still on the product, as the stone I had (2.4 CM at its biggest), is not yet gone,'s certainly going!! I am feeling much better than before, physically. Symptoms of nausea, aches, sluggishness, etc. are diminishing. I will tell you the old and new dimensions of the stone in a moment, but wanted to say that my docs (including a Harvard-educated, Harvard Medical School instructor/gastric surgeon in Boston) told me that gallstones don't cause nausea, don't make you feel tired, etc., based on his belief that many find out about their stone(s) when they are looking for other causes. But when I asked my family doc whether a gallbladder stone could cause nausea (as she had had her gallbladder removed years ago, after suffering terribly with symptoms worse than mine),she replied, "ABSOLUTELY." My nausea subsided when I was on Stone Free, a good product but not a dissolver- but I didn't know that then. But when I started Gallbladder Complete ("GBC" to me!), I really started to make progress. Now, after being on GBC for two and a half months (as stone was HUGE), I rarely have even a tiny problem with nausea nor any feelings of stone/aching/hurting, as I did last year when it was larger. OK, now for the dimensions, before, and just last month, as measured by the radiologist each time:
                BEFORE GBC: 2.4 CM X 2.2 X 1.8
                AFTER 2 months on GBC: 2.24 X 1.89 X 0.67

                At first I thought the stone had hardly shrunk- I just saw the 2.24! But then my sister said to look at the last dimension- over HALF the original size! So yes, this stuff works! Stones apparently don't shrink the same on all sides, due to possibly harder materials or where the product is able to get to, not sure. I recommend ultraasounds to check the progress every 3 months or so. If you're faithful with the product, it should show a real decrease, and the smaller the stone(s), the faster. I think in another 2 months I should be done with GBC- for now! I will monitor the stone in another 2 months via ultrasound and then gradually increase the time between ultrasounds as I see what is -or isn't happening! And keep some GBC in case. But I'm very delighted with this product, and relieved to find it DOES work as stated. To me it was worth the price and the time, just to get these results! And there has been no physical pain to the process - but just remember- don't chug this stuff down (like I first tried- not good!)- sip it, as It's too acidic to gulp! Kinda like Italian dressing..very doable taste-wise! :) Best of luck! *


Thickening of Gallbladder Gone

Posted By: R. Childs on 11th Sep 2012

My doctor wanted to remove my gallbladder due to stones and a thickening of gallbladder wall. Serious. I did a lot of searching online to avoid surgery and found Gallbladder Complete. I used four bottles, as well as apple juice, Epsom Salts Flush, cut out wheat and gluten, had a ultra-sound. The thickening is gone and remaining stones are quite small and no pain. Since so many people live with some stones and without pain. I am grateful. Many thanks. *



Posted By: Gypsy on 11th Sep 2012

Was told that I had sludge and should have my gall bladder out. Not for me. Read about this - bought it - take one ounce every week. Doesn't taste too good but manageable since its only one ounce. Take it - flush with some water and feel great. No pains like before and feel confident that this is the best way to go for any gall bladder issues. *


Saved my day & my gallbladder

Posted By: Darlene on 5th Sep 2012

Thank you so very much for your gallbladder product! I had a 1 centimeter gallstone stuck in a duct which had to be removed by doctors. They insisted on removing the gallbladder also to prevent it from happening again. After using your Gallbladder Complete, they could not find any more stones so let me keep the gallbladder. Best ever product!! *


A COMPLETE LIFESAVER in an 8 oz. Bottle!!

Posted By: Marcia Yokoi on 4th Sep 2012

I Love LOOOOOOVVVE this product and plan to keep in my life for as long as it's available!! 
I was in such pain that I honestly thought I was dying, went into ER only to be sent home with pain killer pills and scary news that I would need Gallstone Surgery. Well, I had NO insurance and definitely NO money for the procedure. Got online, researched and found Gallbladder Complete, ordered it and have been saved!! A Million and 1 Thank you to this wonderful products and whoever founded this product! A Life Saver! *


Spared Me the Knife!

Posted By: Anita on 4th Sep 2012

Ultrasounds revealed numerous gallstones stored in my gallbladder. Visited emergency ward several times over the space of a year during very painful "attacks". 
Doctors urged the removal of my gallbladder, but all my research revealed this was a poor solution. Eventually, I discovered this website and tried the Gallbladder Complete product. Not the most enjoyable taste experience, but this product Really Works *****! I take an ounce with a bit of water at the first sign that I've over indulged in fatty food (cheese in particular). Within a short time (15 min. or so), the pain is gone. I still have my gallbladder thanks to the effectiveness of this product.  *



Posted By: Linda B Houston, Texas on 3rd Sep 2012

I was hospitalized with the worst pain you can imagine!!!! I followed the no fat diet and the pain diminished, but it was still there. After a few doses of GALLBLADDER COMPLETE I have been completely pain free for a month now!!!! *


Pain Free

Posted By: Christina on 2nd Sep 2012

Thank goodness, finally pain free. *


Pain stops FAST! 

Posted By: Anita on 30th Aug 2012

I have been having problems with my gall bladder for years without knowing what it was. I had two really bad attacks while away from home, ones so bad that I would have gone to the hospital with the pain if I could have. 
I got online and searched for anything that would help me. I was very blessed to find Gallbladder Complete and I ordered a bottle. It worked on the pain so fast! I've had this problem for nearly 50 years so I'm continuing to take Gallbladder Complete to clear the stones and infection. It's getting better! *



Posted By: Kelly on 30th Aug 2012

I have to in all honesty say im shocked this worked. It actually worked!. I have to order some more just to have on standby but knock on wood, im attack free at the moment. *


Prevention use 

Posted By: N/A on 24th Aug 2012

Leaves you feeling great after a good cleansing. *


This product works great! 

Posted By: Ming Chan on 21st Aug 2012

I was diagnosed with gallstones after a few months of abdominal problems, which including gas,bloating and pain. My doctor wanted me to see a surgeon see if I needed surgery. Before I went to the surgeon, I looked up the Internet, and I found gallbladder complete. After reading the ingredients, I decided to try it. It stopped my pain in 15 minutes by 2 doses. This gave me a lot of confidence. I ordered more bottles to do the cleansing process. It took eight days, 3 ounces a day, sometimes 4,5 ounces a day to eliminate the symptoms totally. Even it took longer than I expected, but it worked! Now I feel great and keep using G C for prevention. I strongly recommend the company make one ounce package for traveling use. It is impossible to refrigerate the bottle after opening when you are traveling. *


Great Find!

Posted By: Mimi on 20th Aug 2012

I have alot of dietary issues, and am unable to tolerate alot of meds... this was the best and most effective I have ever tried! I just started to use it... I hope it avoids surgery! *


Ultra Sound Proof

Posted By: Cheryl T. on 17th Aug 2012

I thought you might be interested in some ultrasound-supported proof this product works!! 
Gallstone measurements after 3 months on Gallbladder Complete - (two ultrasounds taken-- once before starting it and once after 3 mo.) 
In comparison, I was on Stone Free, which does not claim to dissolve stones but to support the organs associated with gallbladder issues, and the stone actually went for 2.3 to 2.4 in that time, so it was growing even then!

BEFORE GBC: 2.4 CM X 2.2 CM X 1.8 CM 

NOW: 2.24 CM X 1.89 CM X 0.67 CM 

Some dimensions are clearly better, with the last dimension being less than half the original size! 
So we think another 3 months on the GBC should get rid of this stone entirely…!!!!! 
Thanks  *


Gallblader Complete it really Helped.

Posted By: Bobby I am 74 years old on 15th Aug 2012

I took the bottle as directed with prune juice for 3 days and felt a relief of pain, but after 1 week I had a small pain, not like what I had before I took this, so I had 2 ounces left and took them 2 more days in a row and then no more pain, it's been over 2 weeks and I feel great, but I am ordering another bottle to take a dose once a week. *


Weird flavor, but does the trick!! 

Posted By: Sheila on 13th Aug 2012

I felt lot better after just the second shot! 
But there is one thing, I cannot get over the odd flavor. It is different. Just to let you know. *



Posted By: nikki on 9th Aug 2012

This product should read Satisfaction Guaranteed!  *



Posted by John Burree on 11th Jul 2012

This product gives hope and belief that the suffering can be healed to people in pain everywhere. It not only works... it heals. Brilliant! *


Amazing Stuff! 

Posted by Danette on 10th Jul 2012

I take a teaspoon or 2 (usually just 1) every morning and if I have any pain, I take 1 teaspoon and wait ten minutes, and if I have any pain remaining I take another teaspoon and poof I'm completely better...back to normal! It's been amazing! I don't want surgery and I believe I will never have to have any! Thank you Gallbladder Complete I can't tell you how thankful I am! *


I would have tried anything! 

Posted by yvonne tomsen on 9th Jul 2012

The pain was so bad for so long and nothing I tried worked. I could not believe that I received your product so soon after ordering and then to have it actually work was a double blessing. I recommend this product to any one that is experiencing trouble with the gall bladder or gall stones. *


Believe all the reviews! 

Posted by Jeff from Chicago on 4th Jul 2012

The problem with a product like this one is that it is hard to believe all the great reviews. But, I have used this product before and my results were like everyone else's - pain for years, took the product, pain was gone by the next day. I wanted to give it a 4 Star review just to make it look more believable, but I couldn't do it. This is a 5 star product. One other thing that is very important for gallbladder sufferers, that I found through my research, is that melatonin controls and regulates the gallbladder and many of its functions. Many people suffering from gallbladder problems are melatonin deficient. You can find more about this under "gallbladder" on wikipedia. I've been taking 5mg. of melatonin before bed which has helped my sleeping immediately and time will tell if it helps my gallbladder. It is hard to tell because I am pain free now after taking Gallbladder Complete. *


Gallstones expelled! 

Posted by Mark on 3rd Jul 2012

Gallstones expelled in colonic hydrotherapy session immediately after using this product. *


Miraculous Wonder 

Posted by Sharon on 27th Jun 2012

I am thrilled! I can't believe after taking gallbladder complete on the day before my birthday June 25th 2012,my pain went away instantly! Really instantly! I was about to make my own gallbladder mix. This has been my third day and no pain. Hallelujah and praise the Lord. This product is great. I will definitely be ordering my second bottle soon! If anyone has had gallbladder pain you don't need to suffer any longer. Get Gallbladder Complete! *



Posted by Unknown on 25th Jun 2012

Wonderful! Started working right away. I love it! *


I'm not afraid of the pain now! 

Posted by Anita on 25th Jun 2012

I evidently have been having problems with my gall bladder for years but didn't know what it was. When I was away from home I had two attacks that were so terrible I could hardly stand the pain and would have gone to the hospital if I could have gotten there, but was alone. I went online after I got home and found Gallbladder Complete. I ordered a couple of bottles and took the first dose with trepidation. I was amazed to find that the pain I had all the time went away! I think I have some big stones and so am still taking the GC, but when I begin to have pain I take a dose and the pain eases very quickly, probably within 5 minutes and sometimes immediately. I'm taking it between meals now to dissolve the stones. I would recommend this product to anyone having gall bladder pain. I'm hoping to be able to get rid of all stones. *



Posted by George on 20th Jun 2012

I have Gallstones and was experiencing some discomfort. After taking 3oz of Gallbladder Complete per day for two days my discomfort went away. I now take 1oz every evening for maintenance. Great stuff. *


Hurray!! Pain Free! 

Posted by Lupita on 20th Jun 2012

May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with anyone with any type of pain! I want to thank you for this wonderful product! I have been living with this pain for 2 years until I ended up in the ER and found out I had gallstones! I went online after being informed about the stones (i didnt want to have surgery and preferred to get rid of them naturally) and came across this awsome product! I ordered the product and immediately, the day I received it started drinking it as indicated...on the third day I felt something un-plugg itself from my abdominal area (felt pressure) the end of day I was pain free! You must try this awsome product! God Bless Everyone! *


finally living life! 

Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2012

I am a 33 year old mother of 4 with my own business and a very busy family life. In October of 2011, I started experiencing severe abdominal pain witch got to the point of making me unable to eat or do really anything. It started the minute I ate anything and became so bad I was rushed to the Emergency Room twice. After being referred to a gastro specialist and given prescription pills to take every 4 to 6 hours, I still had no relief and no real answers. All the tests, including a scope of my entire digestive track showed nothing. I began to lose massive amounts of weight and had no energy. I had given up. I seriously started planning to die because my quality of life was so poor. It was a doctor in the ER that told me it could be my gallbladder. I told him I had it tested and no stones were found by sonogram. He said you don't have to have stones to have a bad gall bladder. He also said it could be full of sludge, and so my doctor referred me back to the gastro doctor for more tests. Before I even went to the appointment my husband Googled gallbladder and found Gallbladder Complete. He ordered a bottle an told me to start the process to see if it worked. I was skeptical to say the least, but agreed to try it. I started out on a Wednesday with taking it 3 times a day. Initially, I thought it tasted horrible and I almost threw up a few times, but before the end of the day I felt better. By the time I got 2 days into the treatment the taste didn't even bother me and I was pain free! I could eat, I could do things like clean and work and I didn't take one single medicine from the doctor! It's now 3 weeks later and I am still pain free. I can eat again and I eat anything I want! I have not taken any medication at all, and Gallbladder Complete is my saving grace! I now take it at the most twice a day, because its all natural so you can. I will never go without at least a bottle of this stuff in my house. I can,t say it will work this well for everyone, but I know it worked for me! Also, I have already gained back 3 pounds of the 15 I had lost and I am finally starting to not look so sickly. Thank You Gallbladder Complete for this amazing product! You are my saving grace, and I will be recommending this to anyone with pain to try it! I am finally living again! *


Gallstones??? What gallstones?

Posted By: Sue B. 11th May 2012

I know all about symptoms of blocked bile ducts, gallstones, fiancee had them all, and had horrible issues (gallbladder removal, gallstones blocking bile ducts, and pancreatitis). He ended up in surgery again for the Whipple procedure... where they then found Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. So when I had the same symptoms he started out with (we had the same bad diet for years)...I knew just what was happening. I definitely had a blockage backing bile up into the pancreas, with jaundice, dark urine, pain, the works. The first appointment I could get with my gastroenterologist wasn't for an entire month....they wanted me to go to the emergency room. Knowing what the outcome of that would be, I did research on the web, and found Gallbladder Complete. Within 4 days, the blockage was obviously gone; jaundice and dark urine gone; pain- GONE. I feel great! When the time comes for my appointment with the gastroenterologist, he's going to think I was imagining the problem! I LOVE this product, and I am going to keep it around to keep things clear. (I have already cleaned up my diet). I can't say enough good things about it. I even love the taste! I highly recommend Gallbladder Complete! *


Hold the Scalpel....beetle-juice to the rescue 

Posted By: McStay on 30th Apr 2012

Two doctors told me that I should have surgery immediately, so I went to a surgeon and he set me up for surgery, and that I may have to have the old fashion surgery as I had so much scar tissue from previous surgeries, and be in the hospital for 7 days, at 84 I don't believe that I would have made it out. My wife is a health nut and told me about Gallbladder Complete, I had it within two days. I had been doubled over in pain, weak, nauseated for nine days and getting worse. I opened the bottle of Gallbladder (beetle-juice) and gulped it down, it doesn't taste like lemonade or ice tea, man it's really tough.......but the results were miraculous, unbelievable within 20 minutes I could feel movement in my gut and within the hour I was standing up straight and most of the pain was gone, I am not kidding, what a relief it was and by evening I was my old self again and 3 months all is still well. I do take a 1 ounce shot every two weeks as directed. I highly recommend gallbladder complete as they completely removed my gall stones. Much appreciated......cheerio *


Please Listen!

Posted By: Minnie on 30th Apr 2012

I thought I might like to submit a testimonial for “Gallbladder Complete”. I was experiencing terrible pains on the right side (and back) of my abdomen.. 
My doctor sent me for a cat scan, which revealed I had gallstones. He recommended surgery....I asked if there was anything over the counter I could take to break them down? He said, “Nothing that he knew of.” 
Not satisfied with that, I visited with pharmacists, at Sam’s Club, Wal mart, and Walgreen’s. (who all agreed there was nothing they knew of.. 
Deep down, I still felt there had to be a natural remedy that would work! Being near 88 yrs of age, and not wanting to resort to surgery, (which at my age could be fatal) I decided to go on “Google” and typed in “a remedy for gallstones” 
Guess what! Among others, the ad for Gallbladder Complete came up. When I saw that the ingredients consisted of 8 oz’s of concentrated herbs consisting of vinegar, honey, etc, I did not have to read more. (because I come from the old school and believe in natural healing and no matter what the price, ordered it. 
Before I go any further, feel free to use my testimonial and want to know that anyone who reads this is aware that I am writing this because it helped me.. And if I ever did anything in my lifetime to help anyone, Please listen! 
Believe, me, I know nothing of your company, I get nothing from this testimonial. I am writing it merely based on my experience. 
I drank the concentrated liquid each day for 3 days.. Let me tell you, there was a lot of activity going on in my innards of growling and grumbling that (was probably breaking down the hard fiber and calcium stones (which could be heard in another room.. 
I visited my doctor, a week later and told him my pains disappeared, I also showed him the brochure of Gallbladder Complete. He laughed at me and said it was all in my head.. I asked him then, "If so, why did my pains disappear?" 
I just wish more people knew of this natural healing.. I want you to know that I am passing this word to as many as I can. I know two ladies who may not have needed surgery if they had been aware of your product? I am aware that at times one must resort to surgery, but if a natural home remedy, (as yours did) can cure the problem, the patient should not be subjected to surgery.. 
I want to shout it to the world of what I believe was the natural healing that helped me! Thank you soooo much! *



Posted By: Patti on 11th Apr 2012

Hi, I would LOVE to see you come up with a “single serving” package of Gallbladder complete that I can keep in my purse if I have an episode and I am not at home. Currently I keep an unopened bottle in my purse (as it has to be refrigerated) in the chance that I have an episode and I am not at home to get to the bottle in the refrigerator. It is big and bulky to carry around in my purse but I am scared to be anywhere without it if I were to get a biliary colic attack. I certainly would buy several single serving bottles to keep in my purse. Thanks for the consideration. PS since I have started using this product, I have not had a “major” attack. Prior to this product I had 2 severe biliary colic attacks in 6 months that dropped me to my knees for several hours. That is the main reason I have to carry it everywhere I go in case something would happen. By the grace of God I have not had to have my gallbladder removed. I am a Registered Nurse and I work in a busy phone triage center. I talk to people regularly that have had their gallbladders removed and they continue to experience issues post surgery. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL PRODUCT!! *



Posted by Jenny on 31st Jan 2012

Let me start by saying what a wonderful product Gallbladder Complete is for a nursing mom who didn't want to stop nursing in order to remove her gallstones. 

I started having attacks in my 7th month of pregnancy and it scared me. It's hard to deal with the pain when you have a big belly in the way! I changed my diet immediately and they stopped for 2 months and started again a week before I was due. I even began having one while in labor. So I took Tylenol and actually slept for about an hour and it went away. My baby was born several hours later and everything was fine. But they started again 4 days after she was born. Fear set in that I would have one every day even if I didn't have one. The fear and anxiety of knowing it can happen at any moment was affecting me and stressed me out as I didn't know what to eat anymore and I was still trying to nurse my little one. 

Well, after tons of online reading and trips to Whole Foods to buy enzymes and read their nutrition book I stopped my attacks for 6 weeks even though I still dealt with symptoms like bloating and general chest and abdominal discomfort. I was planning a flush to flush out my stones but kept putting it off because of my newborn. I was so worried about my milk production. 

Low and behold I somehow stumbled across Gallbladder Complete during one of my many web searches for flushing recipes. I really believe it was meant to be that I came across this all natural product. After reading all the testimonials, checking the ingredient list, and going over the instructions for removal I ordered two bottles. 

I followed the instructions exactly. I drank apple juice all day the day before. For the next 4 days I drank it 3 times a day including prune juice as well. On the fourth or fifth day I had an attack out of nowhere. I thought it was crazy!! I had kept them at bay for over 6 weeks! Why now?! I took another dose to help with the pain and it was gone in about 15 minutes. Thank god!! But the next day it happened again and I went to the ER because I had run out of Gallbladder Complete. I actually ordered more over the phone on the way to the hospital. I had one dose left and it took most of the pain away this time. It was just a little uncomfortable. In the ER I was told I could not pass stones. I can only pass them if I liquify them. And that's hard to do. Plus my mom has had hers out, my sister, my brother as well. Since, the doctor said, it was familial, nothing I did could make it better except to take it out. He gave me medication and sent me home with the number for a surgeon. By this time I'm so tired of being in pain and being bloated that I make an appointment with the surgeon and I throw in the towel. I must also add the nausea I was feeling and light-headedness. It lasted for a few days and I had another attack two days later. 

Meanwhile, in my gallbladder, Gallbladder Complete was working on me even though I had lost sight of having real results. But someone reminded me that my body was detoxing. She said to me that, 'Duh!! What did you think your body was going to do when you shock it like that!' This made sense to me and gave me hope. 

Now into my second week of the cleanse I had a few more much milder attacks and I took Gallbladder complete to take the pain away and it worked both times. Once it took it completely away and the second time it dulled it so much I was able to sleep through the night. After my last attack on a Thursday night I began to feel better over the next few days. Less bloating, less achiness in general. The next Tuesday, my 16th day after starting all of this, I went to the bathroom and all of this stuff came pouring out of me. (don't mean to be gross, but it might help you understand what to expect). It was kind of like diarrhea but there was no cramping with it. It was just there. I went three times that morning and then it seemed to all be out. Since that day I have felt fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All bloating is gone, no more nausea, no achy gallbladder. It truly is mind blowing that I did it!! And during all of it I never once stopped nursing my baby. 

I wanted to explain all of this to tell people what to expect. When one of our organs is not functioning properly it pulls the rest of our health down. And it brings us down as well. My spirit was dragged through the mud and I lived in fear of attacks rather than enjoying my newborn. Your body WILL detox. It may be different than mine but it will happen. It's like physical therapy. It can be painful but it's necessary for healing. In childbirth they call it 'pain with a purpose'. It's no different when you try to naturally heal yourself. My friend told me the other day that now I am a testament for natural healing. It took a little over 2 weeks and my body purged toxins, I went through the really crappy part, I questioned myself and I questioned my pain, I almost gave up and body released it all and I have felt great ever since. And right now I still take Gallbladder Complete for preventative purposes and I continue to eat well. And my baby is fat and happy off of mama's milk!

Thank you Gallbladder Complete!! And thank you to the outstanding customer service and thank you for taking all of my calls (I called many times) and talking me through it! I tell everyone I can about it. 

I would also like to go back to that doctor in the ER and tell him, 'guess what! I liquified my stones and I passed them!' Needless to say I cancelled my appointment with the surgeon. *


Words cannot express my gratitude!

Posted by Trish on 29th Nov 2011

I want to thank you for all your support during my recent health crisis. I have had about 4 gall stone attacks over the last 2-3 years that lasted at most 12 hours. I did nothing long term to correct the problem so when I recently changed to a 100% raw vegan diet I was struck with a horrible attack that lasted (1) full week in duration. The 1st (3) days the pain came and went intermittently. Then the next 4 days the pain became acute and never left. It was impossible for me to get comfortable and no pain medication even touched the pain. Since I knew if I went to see a doctor he/she would immediately remove my gall bladder without hesitation. I did a Google search for 'eliminate Gall stones naturally' and your site "Gallbladder Complete" came up.

After reviewing the information as well as the ingredients, I knew there was something to your 'Gallbladder Complete' formula so I had it overnight / priority shipped. The next morning when it arrived I took (3) 1 oz doses within 30-45 minutes. The pain subsided some but still did not go away so I continued to take another 4 doses within the next 4-5 hours. Finally I passed many stones and the one which I believe was the major culprit of my pain looked as though it was in the process of being dissolved. Once these were eliminated my pain mostly left me. I felt like I was on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately because of the lengthy duration of the acute lodged stone(s) I had soreness and some further pain on and off for the next 2 full weeks. The pain was sometimes VERY intense in my gall bladder area, my sternum, and general abdomen. I had more of your 'Gallbladder Complete' sent to me and continued to take especially at the onset of any pain and before going to sleep. Just when I really started to fear that I had done major damage and would need to see a doctor the pain/soreness completely disappeared!

I attribute your formula to saving my Gall Bladder which is extremely important to me especially since I eat 100% raw vegan... and anybody I know who has had their gall bladder removed cannot eat raw food any longer.

Thank you so much... words cannot express my gratitude! *


Pain Free in 20 Minutes! 

Posted by Floriana on 1st Nov 2011

First I want to thank you for the very fast shipping! I was in terrible pain for 2 weeks and my gallbladder was also very swollen. I have had gallstone symptoms for 5 years but - figure that! - the doctors always said I had acid reflux... I received my bottles yesterday at 6 PM and after the first dose, my pain started to fade away, almost instantly. I went out for a walk, which also seemed to help a lot. In 10 minutes, I felt happy and energized and in 20 min I noticed that I could rotate my torso, without any pain. After the second dose, before bed, I could feel my gallbladder drain. I slept like I had not slept in months, eight hours straight, with no interruptions and no pain. I can still feel that there's a lot of stuff I have to get rid of, from my gallbladder, but I don't bloat and hurt anymore. One more thing: because of all the stress and pain, my hair started falling out, badly, lately, but today, I didn't loose any! I'm so looking forward to all the progress. Many thanks, again, for this wonderful product! *


This product works!!

Posted by Dustin on 23rd Jul 2011

This product works!! I had an ultra sound and it revealed a stone 2.5cm in diameter. The stone was sitting on the verge of my bile duct and was too large to pass, it was causing attacks and terrible pain which is associated with it. During one such attack, I took a dose of the product and my pain almost immediately started to dissipate. Shortly thereafter I took another dose and it stopped the pain very quickly. Anyone who has gallbladder problems needs to take this product. Thanks. *


Nothing has worked as well as Gallbladder Complete

Posted by Jess R from California on 11th Jul 2011

Blessings to you all. Over the years I have had many bouts with gall bladder pain and usually resolve it with a gall bladder flush. Yet, nothing has worked as well as Gallbladder Complete. It was a lot easier to take than the home made remedies and was a great alternative to three doctors saying I needed an operation within three days or I might die. Thanks to your product all is now well, I am pain free and getting stronger everyday. Many thanks. *


Magical Solution

Posted by Kamy Z on 14th Jun 2011

I am a 48 year old male and about six months ago, I started to have pain on my right side below my rib cage.
I went to the 1st Doctor and within the first few minutes of my visit, without any tests and observation, he concluded that it was my Gallbladder and must be taken out. I thought he was out of his mind. How could he just recommend surgery without trying anything else. He must be wrong and went to another Doctor which he basically wanted me to get Hospitalized me immediately and wanted to operate on me the next day. I had to run out of his office before he would cut me open right there.
I was freaking out. I had a lot of pain and was not convinced that operation was the only solution. I felt that the Doctors are not trying to help me but their own pockets.
Out of frustration, I went on line to learn more about Gallbladders and Gallstones and luckily ran into Gall Bladder Complete's advertising. I read everything on their site and reluctantly with a lot of skepticism and disbelieve, ordered my 1st double order and within short few days they arrived.
I opened the box immediately and read the instruction and drank the contents as per instructions. OH MY GOODNESS, WITH IN AN HOUR I HAD NO PAIN. THE PAIN WAS GONE but it came back the next day and I drank the Gall Bladder Complete again and again and shortly my pain was gone again. 
I kept drinking the two bottles of this Magical solution and my pain kept getting duller and better and better. Thank GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has been about 3 months and I am almost pain free. I still feel some pain once in awhile if I don't watch my diet and eat a lot of fatty food and Meat but nothing compared to before. 
That is why as soon as I finished my original order, I called and ordered the largest order and now I am a believer of this product. 
Thank you so much for your product and Making it available on line. I don't know what I would have done but to get butchered by these Doctors. *

Best Regards



Posted by Daphne on 16th Mar 2011

I had two trips to emergency and was told I had gallstones, and without insurance nothing could be done. I researched the internet to find out that they could be desolved with this product. I ordered Gallbladder Complete and within a couple of days I was amazed to see the difference in how I felt. Now I realize, this stuff really works. I would have never thought a natural product would work but it does! I will be a long standing customer!
Customer Service is great as well! *


Surgery is not necessary

Posted by Steven from Florida on 15th Feb 2011

I am so frustrated with doctors and them thinking that surgery is the only option for gallstones. I was scheduled to have surgery and came across your product. I feel like a new man without gallstones. Get the word out and stop unneeded gallbladder surgery. There is an option to surgery *


Stone Free

Posted by Marge from Wisconsin on 15th Feb 2011

I never thought I would be writing one of these things, but my oh my do I feel better now with the gallstones gone. As a 63 year old women, I thought that I was going to have to live and die with these darned things. Not any more. Thank goodness for Gallbladder Complete! *


Stones are Gone!

Posted by Mark A. from St. Louis on 15th Feb 2011

I did not know that surgery was not an option. How amazing it is to be able to feel healthy again knowing the stones and junk in my gallbladder and liver are gone *



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